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By importing yafowil.loader all registrations are done using the entry-points provided by add-on widgets and integration packages.

CSS and JavaScript resources needed by the add-on widgets are available through entry_point registration. For convenience, yafowil.utils offers functions to access the relevant information.

Framework integration is about plugging in methods for request information and i18n bindings to YAFOWIL. It’s usually done by registering a global preprocessor to the factory.

Setting a dependency to the integration package in code, e.g. in the custom eggs or in buildout.cfg - whatever is chosen -, is needed.

WebOb-based frameworks

The package yafowil.webob provides binding to WebOb based frameworks, such as Pyramid, Google Appengine and others.

Zope 2 / Plone based usage

The package yafowil.plone handles integration for Zope 2 and Plone. Install YAFOWIL in portal_setup or in site-setup add-ons.

The example YAFOWIL tutorial at explains how to build a custom search form using YAFOWIL.

Werkzeug based frameworks

The package yafowil.werkzeug provides bindings to Werkzeug-based frameworks, such as Flask or tipfy.

Boostrap Styles

The package yafowil.bootstrap ships with twitter bootstrap resources and provides common widget configuration to provide a pretty look and feel and responsive layout.